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Enter The Keresverse

Keresverse is a Web3 First Person Shooter that rewards players for their tactical prowess in its competitive battle arena. Every weapon and agent is tokenized on the blockchain, granting players full ownership of their coveted skins and the ability to sell them in the Keresian Marketplace.

Experience immersive gameplay powered by UE5, combined with a robust GameFi ecosystem in the world of Keresverse. Hone your skills and secure your spot among the elite.

Immutable skins

Keresian skins, tokenized on the blockchain, grant players full ownership and control. These skins can be equipped in-game and traded within the Keresian Marketplace for a truly personalized experience.

Battle Modes

Choose from captivating game modes such as Deathmatch, Control, or Bomb Planting for thrilling player versus player showdowns in the quest for Kerexion supremacy. Additionally, stop by the Veluxion to refine your skills and gear up for the exhilarating conflicts that lie ahead.

Keresian Agents

Select from a diverse array of Agents, each boasting unique abilities that leave a lasting impact on the battlefield. Keresian Agents are tokenized on the blockchain, granting players full ownership and the ability to utilize them in combat.

Grimorium Keresverse

Discover more about Keresverse and its tokenomics by delving into the comprehensive Keresverse whitepaper.