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Enter The Keresverse

Master the art of combat in a Web3 FPS where every shot counts. Own the battlefield with tokenized gear and trade in the Keresian Market. Powered by UE5 for peak performance.

Precise gunplay

Where razor-sharp reflexes meet the art of precision gunplay, delivering an unparalleled tactical shooting experience.

Immutable skins

Keresian skins, tokenized on the blockchain, grant players full ownership and control. These skins can be equipped in-game and traded within the Keresian Marketplace for a truly personalized experience.

Immersive Worlds

Choose from immersive original maps with captivating game modes such as Deathmatch, Control or Bomb Plant to experience the Keresian conquest first hand. 

Unique Agents

Meet Keresverse’s unique agents, each bringing their own distinct abilities and styles to revolutionize your gameplay experience.

Strategic Abilities

Discover 30 unique abilities across Keresverse’s agents, each designed to add a strategic depth and variety to every encounter.


Dive into Keresverse tournaments, where skill and strategy collide in thrilling competitive showdowns.


Keresverse’s Win-2-Earn model: Triumph in battle to earn rewards, merging skilled gameplay with tangible gains.


Explore the Keresverse Marketplace: a dynamic trading hub for players to buy, sell, and trade exclusive in-game assets.

Staking Farms

Secure and amplify your assets, earning rewards while contributing to the game’s ecosystem.

Partners & Advisors

Our Keresian Partners & Advisors are dedicated towards the success of Keresverse.

Grimorium Keresverse

Discover more about Keresverse and its tokenomics by delving into the comprehensive Keresverse whitepaper.